House of Nyla’s in the Halloween spirit!

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Let us introduce you to the simple and yet oh so sexy way to trick-or-treat.

Nyla Cheeky doesn’t only produce quality french lace inspired products, she sort of put them on the map in world.

Her latest release is no exception.

This close fitting lace butterfly mask is the perfect accessory for Halloween, and comes in six total color packages.

No matter what you intend to wear today (or tomorrow) these little flutterbys are guaranteed to match.

Plus, at the price of only 100 linden, you really can’t pass this one up.

And though there are four other colors available, Cari and I wanted to stress the black and white features to make sure you haven’t forgotten about the Black & White Ball @ Crush Row tonight (30th) from 6-10PM.

If you haven’t already picked up your mask for the event, you really should make a point to TP to any one of  Nyla’s store locations to grab one of these, and while you’re there, check out the dresses that Nyla has been producing for both RL and SL – you will not be disappointed!

TP to Nyla’s mainstore!


The New oBscene Skins!

•October 29, 2008 • 4 Comments

the Obscene - Ciel/Ganesha

The new oBscene mainstore is finally opened with a huge release of 4 new faces, 4 skin tones, new eyes and lashes!

Oh! and a Limited Edition Gift skin in all tones that will never be sold!
Get ’em while the gettin’s good!

TP to the oBscene Mainstore

Have YOU seen the Obscene??

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Kuja Akina was kind of a well kept secret for a while, with her main store amidst a dozen others you had to know what you were looking for to bask in the talent of her skin finery. Now, thanks to things like flickr and word of mouth, the obscene skin line has exploded into all facets of SL with its residents falling in love with her keen attention to detail and her no fear when it comes to color mentality.

Previously the Obscene offered skins in a variety of make ups and three seperate tones, but this release is going above and beyond that. Not only did Kuja create four seperate faces for your skin addictions, she also added a darker tone for those residents who are actually looking for a darker complexion, and we don’t mean bronze or tan.

BB in Ganesha

Cari in Ganesha

Bho_Ganesha Cari_Ganesha

BB in Siren

Cari in Siren

Bho_Siren Cari_Siren

BB in Ciel

Cari in Ciel

Bho_Ciel Cari_Ciel

BB in Venus

Cari in Venus

Bho_Venus Cari_Venus
  • The Makeup:

At first glance, one would think that a skin like this would have to come from a RL makeup artist, what with important factors like brow and under eye high-lighting – but in reality, Kuja is creating makeups that she’s simply wanted to wear in world herself. In addititon to the Obscene’s usual dramatic shadow – this line also carries a few variations of the forever loved smokey eye and pale lip combination – though for those of you who love a strong lip, we promise you’ll be nowhere near disappointed as she took the time to create those amazing color popping faces for you as well.

  • The Body:

A compete body revamp for those of you who had issues with the overly muscular tummies on previous skins will be happy to know that a there’s smoother appearance for the torso and an added extra in the form of a subtle shimmer across the entire body.

BB in Diamond tone (Ganesha) & Cari in Quartz tone (Ciel)

the Obscene - Ganesha/Ciel

BB in Amber tone (Ciel) & Cari in Morion tone (Ganesha)

the Obscene - Ciel/Ganesha

  • The Shading:

The shading on these new skins is probably the most dramatic change after the introduction of the new faces. The detail added to the cleavage area can only be described as yum worthy. An added bonus? Fear not the supreme low rise jeans! The main issue before? The “crack” commentary was publicly vicious, but now smoother, it appears more natural and also more realistic. Again, yum.

The Ciel face and Calypso makeup can be yours in all 4 tones for $1L @ The Obscene store location during the CrushRow Trick or Treat sidewalk sale. Also included in the gift pack are Halloween edition eyes in FIRE!

The gift will be available until October 31st! Be sure to check out the other fantastic $1L treats from punch drunk, georgiabean lately, aoharu, role optic, sn@tch, slash me poses, whimsy, +plus while you’re trick or treating down CrushRow!

TP to CrushRow on the DollCity sim